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What Are Good Sources for Linen Clothes?

I got this question on my TikTok video about linen:

"I am just learning to love natural fibers. What are good sources for linen clothes? I'd love to try!"

So my first question back would be, "what's your budget?" because like a lot of things, linen is available as a lot of different price points.

Here's my advice: buy the best quality you can afford. There's different grades of linen, some being very expensive, some very inexpensive.

The less expensive linen will probably have a thicker, rougher, coarser texture and the more expensive linens will have a more tightly woven, finer, softer hand.

It's been my experience that the rougher textured linen just takes more washing and wearing to get to a level of softness that I find comfortable.

My number one top bit of advice is go find something that's made of linen at the thrift store and try it out! It's incredibly inexpensive (relative to new garments) and that way you don't end up spending a fortune on something that maybe you don't like and you'll never wear. Don't forget to check the men's shirt section, too!

And just keep in mind that linen is incredibly durable, it's very lasting and so even if you did spend a little more money on it, if you take care of that garment, it's going to last forever.

When investing in a high quality linen garment, buy a style that's classic that you're not going to get sick of, not too trendy so you can wear it and wear it and wear it! 😊

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