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What Exactly is Linen Anyway?

What's up Fashion Geeks? Let's Talk about Linen

Linen is the oldest textile in the world, much older than cotton.

Linen has a classic, relaxed elegance to it and it is the perfect choice for hot weather. It's cool, absorbent properties are unparalleled by any other fiber.

Linen comes from the flax plant whose fibrous stalks are processed into fibers suitable for spinning onto yarn.

Some people don't like linen because it gets too wrinkly but I say just wear it wrinkled!

Some people consider linen itchy and kind of stiff but the more you wash and wear linen, the softer it gets each time.

I love linen in all its forms but maybe if you're concerned about linen wrinkles, instead of choosing a formal look, try a more relaxed and washed linen look.

Linen was the fabric of choice all the way up to the 19th century.

Linen was used for so many household items that we now use it as a generic term for all the items like sheets, towels, bedding, and tablecloths.

Obviously there's so much more to be said about linen but for now just know if you want to keep cool, wear linen 😎


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