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Add Measurements = Get More Sales

Hey Fashionistas!

It's ya girl again with a couple of tips...

Clothing resellers, please put measurements on your garment listings! If your garment has a size tag, by all means list the size. BUT you have to put some kind of measurements because *news flash* clothing sizes are not standard!

Especially if you're working with vintage clothing, whose sizes are totally different than today's modern sizing.

Basically you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to see a garment, love it and buy it instantly without wondering if it will fit them. They'll have no need to message you with questions about size because you'll have all the information right there in the listing for them.

You may not mind answering a few questions now and then when you're starting out, but as your small business grows, the more questions you have to answer, the more hassle it will become. SO do all that you can to foresee what questions might come up about sizing and put those measurements in the written part of the listing!

Make it easy on yourself! How to measure garments is in the video at 1:04 minute mark.

Lay garment on a flat surface, use a good measuring tape, and measure the following points:

Tops & dresses (see video for demo):

  1. Pit-to-pit for chest/bust measurement
  2. Waist
  3. Hip
  4. Length: top of shoulder to hem
  5. Sleeve length from shoulder to cuff

Pants (see video for demo):

  1. Waist
  2. Hip
  3. Rise
  4. Inseam

Make quicker sales, customers happier, and fewer returns!

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