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2 Things To Add to Your Depop Listings to Get More Sales

@juliedemaggio Clothing resellers! Todays PSA about fabrics #fashiondesigner #tellmemore ♬ fashion show(256764) - TimTaj

Hey clothing resellers!

Do you sell on Depop, Poshmark, Etsy, Ebay, or Instagram?

Do you describe the type of fabric or the fiber content of the garments you sell? If you don't, you might be missing out on a lot of sales.

Folks who know a thing or two about fashion, fabrics, and clothing in general, they want to see fiber content and what type of fabric the garment is made out of before buying.

If it's unclear what kind of fabric the garment is - and it's very hard to tell from just photos - then chances are shoppers won't purchase.

Savvy shoppers will also assume that you don't have much experience with clothing and may not have much confidence in buying from you, nor will they follow your shop.

With second-hand clothing becoming more and more accepted, and increasingly more folks selling on these apps, it simply is not enough for sellers to have great style and fashionable assortments of merchandise in their shops. You have to earn buyers' trust by giving as much information about your items as possible.

So what can you do to improve your listings and gain customer trust? Add the following fabric information to every listing:

    1. Fiber content. If the garment has a label, add a photo of it and list out the fiber content in the written listing. For example, a vintage T-shirt may have a label that says "50% polyester, 50% cotton." Write exactly that in your listing.

    2. Type of fabric. Is it a knit fabric, such as jersey or tricot? Is it a woven fabric, such a twill or denim? This won't typically be specified on a label, it just takes fabric knowledge and experience.

      Now go out there and get MORE SALES!

      Want to know more about fabrics? I gotchu! My Basics of Fashion Fabrics mini-course is launching soon. Sign up below to get notified when it launches!


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