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Ye Olde Fanciful Socks

Hear ye, hear ye!

Lest it be thought that colorful, patterned socks are a new modern whim of fashion, allow me to illustrate just how historic this phenomenon is.

Exhibit No. 1

On left: Late eighteenth century socks with clocks, meaning socks with embroidered designs.
On right: Mid-nineteenth century embroidered socks. Beautiful!

historic socks with clocks   nineteenth centurey embroidered socks

(Image source: V&A Museum)

Exhibit No. 2

1890-1900 era socks with knitted plaid pattern. This is when socks really started to become popular. Previously stockings were worn, but with the shift in men's fashion from breeches to trousers, the shorter, sportier sock was preferred.

1900 plaid knit socks

(I. & R. Morley Ltd. socks. Image source: V & A Museum)

Exhibit No. 3

20th century socks. While this is a 1985 ad for stereos, these socks illustrate the crazy footwear of that colorful decade.

socks from the 1980's stero advertisement

Well, there's your tiny sock history lesson for today.

Now it's time to jump to 2022 and peruse the Fun Socks at American Happy! Embrace this time-honored tradition of fanciful, decorated socks and have fun with your newfound sock/shoe combinations!


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