What's your fanny pack style? TAKE THE QUIZ!

What Have You Touched?! How to be more hands-free

Hi friends. It's no surprise we're doing more online shopping since COVID-19 quarantine measures went into place. But there are still things I need to get myself, in person. Physical, go-out-in-public shopping these days seems to require exhausting mental gymnastics over what I'm touching!

The "Mental Gymnastics" of Managing Bipolar Mood Swings | bpHope.com
Creator: Pedro Fernandes

Anything I can do to lessen that mental load, I'm down with. This includes wearing my hair up so I don't have to brush it out of my face (inevitably touching my face and skewing my mask). Making a detailed shopping list so I can get in and out as efficiently as possible. Keeping hand sanitizer, well, handy. Etc.

Another thing I've implemented: The Fanny Pack. Yep, in capital letters. Carrying my essentials in the glorious Fanny Pack means one less thing to think about. No bulky purse falling off my shoulder. No digging for wallet or keys in the deep, dark purse. No bag to set down in the potentially-cootie-filled shopping cart. 

Sometimes it's a few little things that add up to a big sigh of relief. If you agree, and are down with The Fanny Pack (fine, call it a hip sack, or belt bag, or sling it crossbody over your shoulder, I don't care) you can find some pretty dope versions using vintage fabrics on the american Happy website.

 Image titled Wear a Fanny Pack Step 2Image titled Wear a Fanny Pack Step 3
Whether you're new to fanny packs or a fanny pack veteran, check out the Free Guide "5 Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack" for simple tips to incorporate one into your wardrobe and make your life easier!

For more tips on how to shop with less anxiety check out  this article...or just peep the TL;DR below:

  • Wash your hands — a lot
  • Stay home as much as possible
  • Stay at least six feet away from other people when you go out
  • Touch as few things a possible when you go out
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home
  • Wash your hands again after you unpack your groceries
  • Be a decent human being
  • Carry The Fanny Pack!

Happy shopping friends. Stay safe out there.

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