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Time to Hit The Pause Button

Face Rock in Bandon, OR
Face Rock, Bandon, Oregon

Just here to say real quick that as August creeps in it's okay to call a self-appointed TIME OUT.

Perhaps it's a vacation.

Or a quick road trip.

Or simply pausing longer over the morning coffee.

What do you do to hit the reset button? What do you surround yourself with to feel happy/at peace/joyful?

Even just thinking of these things can bring a change of mood or perspective, if we just allow ourselves a tiny slice of time to consider them.

It can be a challenge, but hit that pause button, friends!

Ocean and garden

Color always draws my eye, and my friend's garden is no exception (above, which my photo does not come close to capturing its beauty). It inspires me to bring items like these into the shop:


Rainbow Arm Candy  Rainbow Arm Candy  Rainbow Arm Candy

Rainbow Arm Candy Bracelets available in singles, pairs, or a trio.

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