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The Weekly Top 9

Top 9 inspirational pics from my camera roll this week~

Took a tiny trip to the ocean. Read How to be an Antiracist. Explored color and shape combinations in my studio.

9) Reveled in cool temps...
53 degrees!
8) ...and cool textures
beach tree stump with dried seaweed
7) Accidental photo
 weathered beach wood
6) Ocean formations

Medocino coast

5) I'm a sucker for ground markings...

Cabrillo survey mark

4) ...and plant life

Mendocino plant life

3) If I did ceramics, I'd make berry basket replicas.

ceramics in shop window

2) A special order request came through

BLM + Pride Mask

1) A good stack of fabrics.

a rainbow of fabrics stacked

The End :-)

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