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The Unexpected Second Life of a British Royal Mail Bag

British Royal Mail Courier Messenger Bag

It was love at first sight. Big, red, roomy, and with a fat reflective stripe on the front reading "Royal Mail." A decommissioned emblem of British postal service. I had to have one.

It proved to be the most useful bag I've ever owned, and here's why:

1. It's roomy 
At approximately 18"x14"x5" it holds A LOT. Clothes for the weekend? Stacks of  books from the library? Heck, I don't know what you do with your time, but your stuff will fit.

2. It has a super cushion-y strap
Of course it does. Mail gets heavy people! Good strap padding is always something I look for in a bag and this one's got it dialed.

3. It's Re-Used!
reduce reuse recycleSecond only to "reduce" in the eco mantra "reduce-reuse-recycle," REUSE-ing is a great way to be more sustainable. These super tough, awesome bags have already been manufactured, tested, broken in, and have tons of wear left in 'em. (Check out American Happy's refurbishing process here)

4. It's ventilated! (?)
It has 2 grommet-ed holes in the bottom for ventilation/drainage? Which makes it great as a gym bag. Also good if you're prone to falling into bodies of water or carrying around wet things. Again, I don't know what you do with your time.

5. It looks cool
Sure, I like utilitarian stuff, but I also want it to look freaking cool (like this guy). So there's that. Plus each one has its own story - sometimes you'll get one with the carrier's name still on it, or a badge number here or there. Got character? Check.

6. There's an optional organizer insert
So the bag holds a lot, but what if you aren't carrying bulk government mail but more like work folders or school papers? If you want to stay neat and organized, American Happy has your back. We've designed an insert to hold everything from your water bottle to your keys while also protecting your laptop AND added a tiny LED light to illuminate all the dark corners of your life...er...your bag.  

7. It complies with most airlines' carry-on size restrictions
Note to self: plan a trip.

Do I even need to ask if you need one? The answer is yes. Yes, you do. Available at the American Happy webs...wait there's one more reason!

8. They're affordable!
At $32 for the main bag (the insert is a separate, made-to-order item) how can you not?!

Go get it now, thank me later.

British Royal Mail Courier Messenger BagBritish Royal Mail Courier Messenger BagBritish Royal Mail Courier Messenger Bag with OrganizerBritish Royal Mail Courier Messenger Bag with OrganizerBritish Royal Mail Courier Messenger Bag Organizer with LED light

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  • I want this.

    Terry Pagao

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