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Socks with Sandals

polka dot socks with slides

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Oh yes the ol' socks with sandals topic.

We know by now, in fashion, that what was once gauche will at some point be chic.

As for socks with sandals, it's not about if it's fashionable. It's about how you do it. The colors, patterns, and textures of the socks combined with the right shoe is what makes this look fun.

Some themes to ponder:

Here's some visual inspo to really seal the deal:

socks with sandals

socks with sandals

sockas with sandals

socks with sandals

socks with sandals

More sock with sandal inspo on Pintererst

Not sandals but also good themes:

  • Pretty floral socks with rugged boots
  • Geometric patterned socks with Mary Janes
  • Socks 'n Crocs

Play with the combinations and have fun!

Find your FUN socks here! How will you wear them?!


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