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Fashion Options in the Age of the Outfit Mullet

Hello creative people!

In this time of work from home, school from home, eat out from home, live at home, it can be hard to practice your usual creative expressions.

Take getting dressed for example. I recently asked on Instagram what your daily dressing strategy has been. I would say I was surprised by the results but I mean, who is really surprised by anything these days?

The options were basically "sweats all day erryday," "must get dressed," or "outfit mullet."

The outfit mullet is essentially "business on top, party on the bottom" so one looks business-appropriate from the waist up for a Zoom meeting, but is also comfortable in sweats and slippers below view of the camera.

So, 40% of responders replied that they prefer sweats, 40% said they have to get dressed, and 20% answered the outfit mullet. Personally, I'm an outfit mullet kind of gal so I did think there would be more fellow mullet-ers out there. But of course, to each their own!

Aaaaanyway, these results informed me that we can still express our fashion-y, creative selves no matter what camp you're in. Even if you want to wear a gray crew neck sweatshirt to work (yep, that's me below), there are always...accessories!

I've made it my recent mission to design and curate some fashion accessories to keep the joy going in however you choose to dress each day:

We may still be in varying stages of quarantine, but keep finding the small joys and by all means keep cultivating your unique style!

outfit mullet featuring detachable collar

Here is a ridiculous and poor quality photo of me teaching my fashion retailing class via Zoom wearing an outfit mullet featuring gray sweats and an American Happy vintage fabric detachable collar.



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