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Need to Relax? Lavender is Like Magic...

luxurious lavender flax eye pillow

Oh the magic of lavender. Have you used it? It is truly something that should be in everyone's medicine cabinet - it's commonly used for relaxation, reducing inflammation, anxiety, pain, as a sleep aid, headache relief, and more.

Our new Luxurious Embroidered Eye Pillow is filled with dried lavender buds for relaxation and calm, as well as  flax seeds which give it the perfect weightiness on your eyes. The outside is 100% linen and the underside (for your eyes) is the softest silk satin. It smells and feels amazing.

And hey - you can also use it chilled for puffy eyes or migraine relief. As someone who gets a lot of headaches, I can vouch for the benefits! The weight, the aroma, the light-blocking all help to ease headache.

It's also nice when warmed (20-30 seconds in the microwave does the trick) for areas of muscle aches or tightness, like neck or shoulders.

I hope you enjoy this most special and luxurious treat, hand embroidered by yours truly.

To your wellness,


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