What's your fanny pack style? TAKE THE QUIZ!

These May Be The Dopest Bags We've Ever Made


A few weeks back I was quite honored to be asked if American Happy wanted to make some fanny packs for the hard-working volunteers at Safe Space Winter Shelter.

Safe Space Winter Shelter is a non-profit organization providing low-barrier emergency shelter from December through March for people experiencing homelessness in Chico, California.

Now, this is one badass group of really caring and super fun folks, and it was their collective spirit that inspired each and every bag.

I knew I wanted the packs to be really durable, so I called upon my background in outdoor gear and got to work assembling bags in a variety of colored pack cloth with a retro 80's feel. Since there were 25 bags to make, I also called in some help and we got to work!

 First, color-blocking the pack cloth:

color-blocking pack cloth
Next, cutting the zippers, webbing, and lining pieces:
assembling fanny packs components
Measuring for just the right embroidered patch size:
measuring for the patch size
Bundles ready for sewing!
fanny pack parts ready for sewing
Labels on! They're lookin' good!
assembling fanny packs
The moment of truth - turning right side out (my favorite step!):
inside-out packs
Yes! Ready for buckles:
fannt packs ready for buckles
First batch is done!
first batch of fanny packs done
And finally, here are all 25 bags (with 2 extra...)
finished fanny packs
finished fanny packs
finished fanny packs
Honestly, I'm so proud of these bags and am in love with all of them! Seriously, I think they're the dopest bags I've ever made in my entire career.
I'm so grateful to Siana from Safe Space for approaching me with this idea. And so grateful for my helpers, Kris and Olivia, who helped me knock these out in a quickness.


AND NOW...if you love these bags as much as I do, you have a chance to get one for yourself. As I mentioned above, I made 2 extra...

I am raffling off these two fanny packs to two winners:

win this fanny pack win this fanny pack

To enter:

  1. Make a donation to Safe Space Winter Shelter here. For every $10 donated you get one entry. There is no limit to how many entries you make! (By the way, these one-of-a-kind bags have a retail value of $70)

  2. Send me a screenshot of your donation receipt either via email to happy@american-happy.com or DM via Instagram (you'll find this on our Insta page as well).

  3. Winner drawn Friday, April 16th, 2021!

Oh, and in case you were wondering how the volunteers liked their fanny packs, here's a few shots of their post-season celebration at Cal Skate.

With love, happiness, and roller skates,



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