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How We Refresh Our British Royal Mail Bags

You may have heard us singing the praises of this bag on our social and we want to give you the background on these bags and how we get them ready for you.

These bags were in service as actual mail bags in Britain. We get them in used, 'as is' condition, which means sometimes they can be a bit dirty, have ink stains, name tags in them, or slight imperfections due to wear. None of which inhibit the serviceability of these bags in the least - they are sturdy as heck.

Each bag gets a bath (literally!) We clean them in a Mrs. Meyers cleaner to remove as much dirt and stains as possible. Sometimes ink stains will remain because we don't want to compromise the fabric through excessive bleaching or abrasion, etc.

cleaning Royal mail bag

Then they get a little tropical vacation while air-drying.

air drying the Royal Mail bag

We then inspect all the hardware and straps for possible needed repairs. This is usually just a bit of sealant on the underside of some strap stitching. But if any of the quick-release buckles are broken or missing, they are replaced.

Roayl Mail Bag strap repair

Once everything is dry we steam the creases from the strap webbing (if needed) and reassemble the strap back on. It's now good to go!

 Royal mail bag on the beach

Mail bag on the beach?! Why not.

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