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Your Fanny Pack Style: Sporty Utility

You are an adventure seeker, and don’t care to stay in one place too long. When you’re not on the go, you’re hard-core chillaxing. People love these qualities in you and they're drawn to you by your stories and vacation photos!  


Sporty Utillity Fanny Pack Style

Friend, for you fashion is all about comfort. You like wearing clothes that let you move and groove – anything less is simply an irritant. Lucky for you, athleisure has never been hotter and there’s plenty of choices, but often your basic black yoga or hiking pants and technical windbreaker are trusted companions of choice on your journey down life’s highway.


Here’s the thing though, fashion isn’t just about utility, it’s an art form! Carrying your stuff hands-free is an absolute given, and depending on circumstances you can be found wearing a well-built backpack, daypack, or fanny pack. But on those short jaunts, a fun take on the utility fanny pack can be just the thing to add an extra spring in your step.


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"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." –Diane von Furstenberg


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