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October is American Happy's Birthday!!

American Happy's 2 year Birthday Clearance Sale
American Happy made its grand entrance into the world in October 2019, near the end of the "before times."

Even before a global pandemic there was plenty of reason to want to supplement our lives with things that make us happy & bring a bit of joy, however small or simple those things may be. During the pandemic this sentiment has increased exponentially.

This is still at the heart of the American Happy mission: Simple joys by way of color, nostalgia, and whimsy made by human hands.

Cultivating style is a process unique to each individual. If joyfulness is a part of that for you and color, nostalgia, and whimsy resonate, then jump on board!

It's a rarity to see the same thing twice at American Happy because most products are made with small, sourced cuts of vintage fabrics. Which makes being on the email newsletter list a must for scoring the items you want.

Email subscribers always get advance notice of product launches!

SO, in celebration of our 2-year birthday, we're having a CLEARANCE SALE...some items are being discontinued and we're also making room for all the new stuff coming for the holiday season!

Exact days of the clearance sale will be announced in advance via email. And additional sale items will most likely be added throughout the month. 

Check out our Instagram for some sneak peeks behind the curtain ;-)

So happy birthday American Happy! Long live things of joy! It makes me so happy to bring a few of these things to you.

~ Jules


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