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Bees Are Back In Stock! Here's The Buzz...

The Bees are Back!
Get Acquainted with Our Bee Collection!

I have a thing for bees. They are incredible little creatures, endlessly fascinating. From their hexagon honeycombs to their perfectly designed bodies, bees inspire many a metaphor in life. Their natural and perfect geometry inform much of my work as a designer.

This collection is based on an original bee and honeycomb drawing that is then printed onto special products just for American Happy.

Due to Covid-19 safety measures and protocols, the printing facilities were unable to keep up with demand so we temporarily discontinued some items. But today I'm so happy to report the printer is (safely) able to keep printing and they are available again!

You are cordially invited to peruse The (relaunched!) Bee Collection and find your favorite!

Note: If you are thinking of holiday gift items, be sure to check the estimated delivery times on each item and make sure to order with enough time for the printing and shipping of these special items.


Wait, I almost forgot...

10% of all Bee Collection sales benefits the Planet Bee Foundation!
They're dedicated to fostering environmental literacy and stewardship through bees and beekeping. We call that buzzworthy!
Happy buzzing, friends! Until next time,
Bee Mug Bee Sticker
Bee Tees

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