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3 Tips to Downsize Your Bag

open fanny pack with contents

Here in the Land of Fanny Packs, we are committed to feeling more free by carrying less. For some it's easy, and for some it takes a few tweaks and tries to make the adjustment.

Especially for women. Have you ever wondered how the average man just goes about his day with all he needs simply in his pockets? Why can't we women do the same? In analyzing my own life I've noticed:

a. Lack of adequate pockets in women's clothing (duh, obvs)
b. We find safety in being prepared, which equates to carrying all the things
c. Our purse acts as an emotional support pet...we're literally carrying around our baggage

lame pockets in womens jeans     purse dump
Useless pockets!                            Purse dump...yikes!

Anywho, I'm not a psychologist, but I can offer some simple tips on how to try to extricate yourself from a heavy, bulky bag.

1.  Designate and Separate

If you need to be prepared for the unknown, if you have small children, or if you'll be out of the house all day - try separating out what you don't need on your person. For example:

  • Keep a designated car bag for things like aspirin, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. Use the glove compartment!
  • If you tend to forget to eat, or get hangry keep a snack bag in the car with crackers and other snacks that won't spoil or melt.
  • If you have kids, they can have their own kid container in the car for their small toys or whatever keeps them entertained. When my kids were young, I always kept a dollar-store composition notebook and washable markers in a gallon ziplock in the car. When they're old enough (toddlers even!) they can carry their own mini backpack or fanny pack.
glove box   toddler wearing backpack
Glove compartment = good              Image: encrier/Getty Images

2.  Lighten the load

  • If you use cash, empty your change into a coin jar or let your kids add it to one of those coin banks like this one that calculate the money.
  • How many keys are you toting around? Carry only what you need that day.
  • Same goes for keychains - fun keychains are great fun until they're not. Heavy, jangly, tangly keychains just take up space and weigh down your smaller bag. A simple lightweight aluminum carabiner can help keep track of them.


3.  Size Matters

  • A smaller bag (like a fanny pack) requires a smaller wallet. Try a card-holder style wallet. You've already ditched your coin change so you don't need that feature in your wallet.
  • Coupons, loyalty cards etc. can be managed digitally or with a phone app. You can find a good round up of loyalty card replacement apps here.
  • If you wear glasses or like to have sunglasses with you, downsize their case. A bulky hard shell case may take up too much room. If you can, opt for a slimmer case or a soft fabric sleeve like a Sunnysoc by Gogglesoc.

  quilted fanny pack open with contents

I hope this helps take some weight off of your body and your mind! Did I miss anything? I'd love to hear your tips for lightening your load!

Remember, keep it simple, keep it comfortable, keep it hands-free!

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