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10/10 Bag For When You Have To Carry A Bit More

Yes dear reader, there are times when even the lightest travelers have to carry just a bit more stuff.

I have been testing out a new bag for the last couple of months for just those times.

May I present the Recycled Crossbody Bag:

 recycledcement bag purse

First off, the size of these bags is perfect for carrying a bit more without burdening your shoulders nor feeling bulky or cumbersome (win).

Secondly, these bags are made from recycled cement bags and recycled feed bags (double win) and manufactured by a woman-owned company doing great things for their community (triple win!)

Let me show you what I've been carrying in my crossbody bag lately...


And YES these are the same folks that make the card holder wallets I told you about last week

So. Much. Good.

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